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Bowness Vietnamese Restaurant

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6433 Bowness Rd NW
Calgary, Ab, T3A 0E4

A little gem of a Vietnamese restaurant in Bowness where the food is delicious and the staff are friendly.  You won’t be disappointed with anything on the menu.

Cadence Superfine Coffee

6407 Bowness Rd NW
Calgary, Ab, T3A 0E4

Cadence Coffee is a 21st century diner located in the heart of Bowness, where friends meet to enjoy great food, superfine coffee, and fresh baking.

Hexters Lounge

#109 6404 Bowness Rd NW
Calgary, Ab, T3A 0E4

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The Place Steakhouse

6308 Bowness Rd NW
Calgary, Ab, T3A 0E4

The Place serves amazing food, and has been since 1974! Incredible hand made pizza, superior Alberta Triple A Beef, and satisfying pastas. Come down and join us in the historic community of Bowness in Calgary, Alberta. Visit on Monday or Tuesday for 15% off dine in pastas and ask about our reloadable gift cards!

Salt & Pepper

6515 Bowness Rd NW
Calgary, Ab, T3A 0E4

Salt & Pepper is celebrating over 20 years of being one of the best restaurant choices in town, thanks to our service, the secrets of our Mexican family recipes, and you. Silvio Solano, the restaurant�s founder and his family are working hard to carry on the legacy of their family traditions and provide a friendly and authentic atmosphere for your dining enjoyment.


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6404 Bowness Rd NW
Calgary, Ab, T3A 0E4

A description of this business is coming soon!


6404 Bowness Rd NW
Calgary, Ab, T3A 0E4

Back in 1965, Fred DeLuca set out to fulfill his dream of becoming a medical doctor. Searching for a way to help pay for his education, a family friend suggested he open a submarine sandwich shop. With a loan of $1,000, the friend—Dr. Peter Buck—offered to become Fred’s partner, and a business relationship was forged that would change the landscape of the fast food industry. The first store was opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut in August, 1965. Then, they set a goal of having 32 stores opened in 10 years. Fred soon learned the basics of running a business, as well as the importance of serving a well-made, high quality product, providing excellent customer service, keeping operating costs low and finding great locations. These early lessons continue to serve as the foundation for successful SUBWAY restaurants around the world.